Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Holy Peas

Wow! My inaugural post. I feel this is a portentous moment, and I should write something appropriately deep, witty, or inspirational as a sort of christening ceremony for what I hope will be a place to pursue conversation about so many things, mundane and sublime, that need an outlet wider than the everyday, running-of-the-household, conveying-of-necessary-information communication.

Unfortunately, at the moment, my musings are mostly along the lines of: How will my 5-month-old daughter react to the new experience of pureed peas tonight? and How can I make sure my dogs don't Houdini their way out of the backyard fence tomorrow?

I am comforted by remembering that my husband often quotes a favorite author's philosophy (I'll try to remember which one later!) that we falsely categorize actions as sacred/ordinary, but that in reality, in the Kingdom of God, all things are for the glory of God, and there are no "secular" acts for those whose mission is to act out the love of Jesus. Theoretically, laundry and cooking are just as legitimately worshipful as singing a hymn or preaching a sermon.

So, for today, I will have to just rejoice in the ordinary, and be grateful that my "ordinary" is very rich and wonderful, at least to me. Even with pureed peas looming.


  1. Welcome to the world of blogging...does this mean you're going to put up pix of Sophia/y'all more often??? HAHA, you got sucked in.
    Anyway, what a wonderful way to look at things...thanks for putting that in, that laundry and mundane house stuff can still be a meaningful and worshipful experience...I need to hear that often...maybe I'll put that quote somewhere around here...laundry room, maybe. Love ya sis!

  2. Write something new already! Better yet, post some pix!

  3. seriously...WRITE A NEW POST!!!!