Friday, April 10, 2009

It Was a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day!

That's what it was. Yesterday I went shopping for Easter dresses, and hardly anything fit. Especially nothing on sale at Anne Taylor Loft! It was a terrible, HORRIBLE, no good, very bad day. I wish I could go to Australia.

And then when I went to feed Sophia, I found that I had the bottle, all put-together and filled with 7 oz. of water--but no formula! Sophia was starting to get fussy. And I still had no dress. It was a TERRIBLE, horrible no good very bad day.

I could tell, because when I remembered that there was a dress, not terribly Easter-y, but cute none-the-less, at New York and Co., and I went to buy it, I found that I did not have my coupon. The lady at the register said that I could just show her the e-coupon from my email on my phone. But then, the dress was not expensive enough to qualify.

"If you wanted to find some jewelry or something to make up the difference, it would basically be free!" the checkout girl advised. So I left the dress at the register and ran to grab the cardigan that would make it "church appropriate".

After waiting in line again, I was ready to make my discounted purchase! I pulled out my phone to show the saleslady my coupon, only to find that it had died.

Not only that, but, since I was holding my hungry, whimpering child while fussing with my phone, she managed to kick over the almost-full container of cranberry juice in the stroller's cupholder. The jug of bright red juice thunked onto the floor and immediately leaked it's entire contents right onto the white tile at my feet!

I hurriedly put my dress and cardigan on hold and scurried out of the store in shame. It was a terrible, horrible, NO GOOD, very bad day. I think I'll move to Australia.

That's what it was, because when we got home, Sophia had the worst blow-out diaper I've ever seen. I had to wash her clothes, my clothes, and the couch!

And then, when I was making pizza dough, I very carefully followed the instructions. It said to mix the dough in the food processor. It said to pulse the yeast and water first and then "dump" in the flour and salt. I did these things. I pulsed. I dumped. And then, before I could mix my dough into a "slightly sticky ball", the yeast-y water began to leak out the bottom of the food processor bowl until it was all gone and I just had a pile of slightly sticky flour. It was a terrible, horrible, no good, VERY BAD day! I was ready to pack up for Australia!

But then, I redid my pizza dough, Aaron picked up my dress, and Sophia was happy in just her diaper until bedtime. We watched "The Office" and "30 Rock" and enjoyed home-made pepperoni-italian sausage-red pepper-mushroom-onion pizza and brownies.

I guess terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days happen sometimes. Even in Australia...

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  1. Seriously, put up something new!! You should put up pix of the red pants that you made sophia and the adorable bags and crayon holder you made for the boys!! They're awesome! If you need pix, I can send you some!